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InergyTek Battery Pack System Can Keep the Power On During an Outage

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Did you know that there’s finally a battery pack system that won’t break the bank? It’s true! This is all thanks to the InergyTek battery pack system. While other companies have expensive battery systems, InergyTek has created a system that is just as functional, without eating away your savings. 

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Power Outages

A concern for anyone who has solar, or is considering solar, is power outages. If there is a system power outage or blackout, your solar panels cannot stay functioning to keep your home functioning. 

Why Don’t Solar Panels Work During Power Outages?

There are two different reasons for this, and it comes down to safety and technicalities. Whatever type of electricity you use, there has to be a steady and constant supply of it in order for it to work. With solar, your supply and demand for generated power is going to shift and change. The cause of the change in demand comes down to the fact that you don’t always utilize all the appliances in your house that rely on electricity. Such as, your microwave, television, or hairdryer. With different times of utilizations, there isn’t a consistent demand for electricity. 

With the supply and demand, your system automatically moves excess energy to the grid. The grid provides a large amount of electricity and power. Therefore, it’s a backup source for your property. If there is an outage, the grid cannot stabilize that power. Therefore, the supply of power to your home is varied and could damage your appliances. Knowing this, a solar inverted protects damage to your property by not working with the grid.

The second reason that your solar power will not work during a power outage is due to safety. During outages, there are repair crews that go out and attempt to fix the reason for the outage. To avoid endangering the crew, the solar current stops going into the powerlines. The crews are required to figure out where and if power is flowing, so it wouldn’t be safe for them to run tests if there is another form of electricity coming through the lines.

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So, Why Should You Have a Solar Battery, Like the InergyTek? 

Plain and simple, having a battery backup is a great tool for anyone who has solar power. If there is a power outage, you won’t be affected! These backup battery pack systems take energy generated and store it, rather than sending it to the grid. That way, if your power goes out, you’re not out of luck. These battery backups are so efficient, you might not even notice that your neighbors are experiencing an outage. You get to utilize stored energy while your day goes on like normal. If you’re someone that works from home and experiences frequent outages, this product is for you.

Background Information on the InergyTek Battery Pack System

Solar panels generate solar energy. These panels consume the sun’s energy in order to create direct current (DC) electricity. However, since most businesses and houses run on alternate current (AC) electricity, DC electricity is converted to AC electricity through an inverter. Once solar energy is converted to AC electricity, it, in turn, provides electricity for your home. This means that solar panels cannot serve as a backup to your home if AC electricity should go out during inclement weather or other circumstances. Additionally, solar energy cannot be used in the case of a power outage in order to protect our local utility repairmen working to restore power.

This is why we encourage you to get get a backup battery like the InergyTek Battery Pack System or even the Tesla Power Wall. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Tesla Power Wall as a backup option.

The InergyTek Battery Pack System is an affordable way to protect your home, should the power go out for a lengthy period of time. 

One of their featured batteries is the Flex 1500 Power Station. This is one of the lightest and most compact power platforms available. This system is made up of a Flex 1500 Power Console and one Flex Battery. It also comes with the MPPT Supercharger. Therefore, it charges faster than any comparable solar system from out of the box. This station gives you freedom to gather, store and use the clean and renewable energy whenever you need it. 

a man on a roof installing a solar panel

Wanting More Information?

If you’re interested in learning more about the InergyTek Battery systems or about solar panels in general, contact us today! We’re here for any technical questions, or just understanding how solar panels generate electricity. Our staff is on standby to answer any questions you may have. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-833-433-0331. 

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