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Should I Have Solar Battery Storage For My Household?

A man is lifting solar panels up over a roof during an installation.
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So, you’re looking at solar battery storage. Should you get it? Quick answer: Yes. It will give you the energy independence needed to open up a different way to have electricity without relying on the city or electric companies. It will please you to have things run more efficiently while you do not have to worry about power outages or surges during storms. When others are out of power, and you have electricity to run your household, you will be grateful for the decision. We will discuss more on what solar battery storage is, why homeowners should look into getting it, and the benefits of switching over to solar battery storage.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

We can take the three words in this term and break them down to best describe this energy-efficient independent piece of equipment.

  • Solar: Solar is the first word in the term and refers to solar power. There are plates on which the sunlight’s rays shine and create energy. As the plates create the energy, electricity is built from the sun inside the panels and dispersed throughout the home.
  • Battery: The battery is the backup in the system. The battery is the backup plan, and insurance, the homeowner, will continue to have electricity. The battery takes the excess energy and disperses it accordingly when there are days without sunlight. One of the first questions people ask is what happens at night or on days when the sun doesn’t even show its face? Now you know where the excess power comes from when it’s dark.
  • Storage: To become energy independent, the system must hold its storage. All of the electricity left over has to go somewhere. Your only three options are to sell it back to the grid, store it for later use, or, as we say, “rainy day,” or let it go to waste. It is better to use it for a later date.

a sunset or a sunrise with in a field

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

This system works because the sun shines on the panels on top of the home. When the panels generate electricity, the power source takes what is needed and stores the rest in the battery. This is when D/C electricity turns into A/C power and becomes stored away for later use. With solar panels alone, you would need to purchase electricity from the companies, defeating the entire purpose of energy independence.

When night falls, or there is a storm, and the power goes out, the battery kicks in, taking the electricity from the storage in the battery back up. You never pay anything to the electric company, relying entirely on your power source. During the daytime, solar power charges the battery while it runs on stored energy when the sun is not out. It continues throughout this daily cycle as the electricity is dispersed safely throughout the home.

Why Should You Look Into Solar Battery Storage?

In case you are wondering if it is worth your time to look into getting information about the solar battery storage system. You should, because it can save you money in the long run. It may not seem like it initially, but once you become energy independent, the system pays for itself.

It’s true, it does cost thousands of dollars, but don’t you already spend thousands of dollars a year on electricity? Once you purchase the solar battery storage, it will stop your electric bills, and you will never have to pay electricity again. You will save a fortune once the equipment has paid for itself. You can use it to make money and sell the stored electricity back to the grid.

Think about how often the power goes out through bad weather, faulty city electrical systems, someone hits an electric pole with their vehicle and knocks out the power for everyone, or power surges that can burn out every appliance in your home. When everyone around you loses power, your neighbors will envy you because you will still have full power and live your life without missing a beat.

A technician is installing solar panels on the roof of a property.

What Are the Benefits of Having Solar Battery Storage?

As mentioned, you will have electricity when other people in the neighborhood do not. Let’s look into these primary and additional benefits; then, we will weigh out the options by looking into the downside so you can see that the good outweighs the bad.

1. Always Keep the Lights On

Perhaps this is the best reason because you will always have electricity. Think about when there is no power in the cold. You will freeze inside the home without adequate heat or suffer during those hot summer months with no air conditioning.

How about the food? Perhaps you may have purchased hundreds of dollars on food. What happens if you were on the grid and the power went out? You will lose all the food you stocked in the fridge and freezer. By using solar power, you will not be in the dark and be able to keep all of your food without having to hear the annoying sound of a generator. You don’t have to pay gas for that generator to save your food and give you a little light.

2. Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bills

Up to 30 percent is saved if you use solar power as a substitute instead of an entire backup system. It will lower the cost of your electric bill if you use solar power sparingly, such as for the major appliances or as a backup for when there is no power.

Using the system as a way of life and using solar power constantly will eliminate your electric bill. Now you will be saving thousands of dollars a year. You will also never have to worry about electricity again unless the equipment breaks and requires repairs.

3. Make Extra Income

As mentioned above, you can sell the stored power back to the national grid. It is a little extra cash that can pay a few bills or give you and your partner a night out on the town. Everyone needs a little extra money now and then. This is the perfect way to get it by using something you already own.

4. Being Energy Independent and Helping the Environment

You can be entirely off the national grid and have no worries about cyber attacks or anything that can cause a blackout. For those who love and care for the environment, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent, if not more.

5. Better Monitoring of the System

Unlike the electric bills, you can track the usage better if you are conscious about how much electricity you use. Let’s face it, the meters for electric companies are hard to read and follow. Sometimes they even get altered to up the usage at times. All you have to do with solar power is read and monitor your usage in real-time.

a two story house with solar panels on the roof for a home with solar energy

The Minor Downsides to Having Solar Power

We can give you both sides of the story to help you decide for yourself if you should go with solar battery storage. They are few but worth mentioning before you get into something significant.

  • They can be expensive at the upfront cost.
  • If it breaks, repairs might be expensive.
  • If you use it for side income with the stored energy, you will have to claim the income on taxes if you are paid over $600.

That’s it! These are the only downsides you have to outweigh the many benefits of having the system. The cost is the hardest to overcome, but it pays in the long run.

It Takes A Professional

Like solar panels, it takes a professional and someone who knows what they are doing to install solar panels and solar battery storage. It deals with electricity but from a different source. This source comes from the sun, but electricity is still dangerous. We do not recommend that homeowners install this equipment themselves unless they are certified to do so.

In case you are wondering, another question we can help answer is when you should get the solar battery storage. The best time is right when the solar panels are installed. If you want only the panels, you will have to have them with the electric company’s electric supply as backup, but if you wish total freedom, then go with the entire package and get the solar battery storage with the panels. It is best to do everything all at one time. That way, you can enjoy the efficiency all at one time.

Get With ONIT Home Today for Installation

As mentioned, it takes professionals to install the solar battery storage, and our professionals are ready to do so. We can answer any of your questions and concerns and set you up with the best technology to make your home energy-efficient and independent. Contact us through our website today, and we can set up an appointment to discuss the options on what you need and prices from equipment to setup. We are happy to assist!

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