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What You Should Know About Solar Panel Insurance

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Solar panels are great. They’re an amazing source of renewable energy and as time goes on, you’ll begin to save money by lowering your energy bills. However, what should you do if the panels are damaged? These damages can happen from a storm, fire or an unforeseen circumstance.That’s where solar panel insurance comes in. 

Making the choice to invest in solar panels is not only a value-driven way to increase the value of your home, but also doing your part to help the environment.The investment towards solar panel installation is significant, so it is something that homeowners are going to want to protect with solar panel insurance. 

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Who Covers Solar Panel Insurance? 

First, you should know that solar panels are typically covered through your homeowners insurance, according to Nationwide. While this is covered through your homeowners insurance, some policies can exclude damages that are occured by particular threats, such as wind damage. Solar panel insurance will cover the rooftop panels and tiles, as it is largely considered as a permanent attachment to your property. 

Understanding Your Coverage

Solar panel insurance covers the same events that affect the rest of your home. If your panels have damage from wind, hail, fire, or lightning, make a claim! Stolen panels? Make a claim! Your home insurance covers this under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Insurance policies cover solar panels that were installed for your home’s energy needs. Therefore, if you install an unusually large system that provides power, and you receive regular checks from the energy companies- this is not considered energy for your home. This situation would be considered a business, and therefore not covered through home insurance.

A Solar panel grid receiving power from the sun in an open field.

Avoid Claims with Professional Installation and Regular Upkeep

To make sure that you can avoid any issues that lead to claims, you should use a company that can give you the professional, reliable installation that you deserve. Installing new solar panels has never been easier with a company like ONIT. We are here to make sure that your roof is in good condition before installation, to make sure that you have the easiest installation possible. We know that most complications with solar panels happens during installation, so trust us to perform a safe installation with guaranteed results from the beginning. 

Once installed, solar panels require very little maintenance. Solar panels thar lay tilted on the roof have rainfall clear the accumulated debris. However, if you’re in an area that does not experience much rainfall, the maintenance is still easy. You should clean your panels two to four times a year. The process for cleaning panels is quick and easy! Use a leaf blower or hose to clean off any extra debris. 

One thing to keep in mind to avoid claims, is that if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, do not use hot water to melt the snow. This can crack your solar panel and cause serious damage. Instead, use warm, not hot, water. 

To keep it easy, write down the serial number of every panel. Keep that information in your fire safe for extra protection.In the worst case scenario, this could help with making the claims process easier.  If you aspire to have a positive impact on the environment by investing in solar power, and the conditions are right for your home and budget, go for it! 

A solar panel grid installed on metal roof shingles.

Steps to Take Before Installation

Call your insurance before installing your solar panels. Insurance should know the cost of panels and the location of the installed panels. Home insurance covers solar panels installed on the roof. Your home insurance policy covers any claims for your panels. 

However, your process is different if they aren’t on the roof. If you install solar panels on a detached garage or free standing post in your yard, file as a scheduled structure. You may have to insure these solar panels as a scheduled structure, rather than part of your home insurance. Either way, make sure that you get covered. 

Did you know that adding solar panels can increase the value of your home? It’s true! You will need to still make sure that your policy reflects the new and increased value of your home. 

Getting Solar Panels is Easy, Getting Solar Panel Insurance is Easier

If you’re interested in getting solar panels, give us a call today or visit us online for a free quote. ONIT is here to provide you with the best panels and coverage.

If your solar panels are in but you’re shopping for new home insurance, ONIT Insurance is here to find you the best policy and coverage on the market. 

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