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The Whole House Water Filters Comparison You Need to Read

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A whole house water filter system is often referred to as a point of entry water filtration system. These systems clean the water coming into your house before it is distributed to showers and faucets.  A good filtration system improves the taste and smell of the water. It is safer to drink because a filtration system removes harmful contaminants. Some systems reduce the minerals of hard water. The result is healthier hair and skin, softer laundry, and reduced surface stains. There are many options from which you can choose. This whole house water filters comparison can help you determine which one is best for you and your family.

Best Whole House Water Filters to Compare in 2023


Culligan began its business in 1936 and started with water softening systems. They have since expanded to water filtering systems. Culligan focused on building a local network of experts. Their whole house water filters are certified and tested by National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) standards. As a result, they provide substantial performance in reducing contaminants. Depending on the specific system you select, each one has a different reduction amount for contaminants. Depending on the filter cartridge, they trap silt, sand, rust and eliminate chlorine, bad taste, and odors.

The Culligan warranty provides coverage for their DIY systems. The coverage differs depending on the system you purchase. It could be between one to five years. The DIY version of their filtration system is simple to install and maintain. You will need to have some familiarity with tools and a willingness to learn as you go. Once installed, the only required maintenance is changing the filter.

Culligan offers water testing. They have two different types of tests. The basic test comes with a free consultation. If you believe you have a more complex contaminant problem to determine, Culligan offers a more comprehensive lab test. Again, they offer free consultations over the phone or online.


  • Fantastic system
  • Offer both a DIY and professional installations


  • Customer service isn’t the best


If you’re looking for a water filtration system that also allows you to bundle other home services, ONIT Home is the one for you. From a free water test, professional installation, and an included 10 year warranty, their focus is on customer satisfaction.

For over a decade, ONIT Home has helped homeowners conquer projects big and small with trusted solutions, partners, and products that range from moving, to home insurance, to home water filtration. Whatever you need, they’re ONIT! Their whole home water filtration system covers reverse osmosis, UV purification, and a conditioning system.


  • Bundling options with home services
  • Financing plans
  • Free water testing with day-of results


  • As of right now, ONIT Home is only available in Texas. However, this could change in the future so check the website frequently to see if your area is covered!


Rainsoft has been in business for over 65 years. They consider their filtration system to be a luxury water conditioning system throughout the entire house. Rainsoft constructs water filtration systems meeting the highest standards. They are locally assembled and shipped from their factory in Chicago. This water filtration system has digital displays along with WiFi connectivity. In addition, the Rainsoft system comes with an automatic recovery system during power outages.

The Rainsoft system protects the internal components from elements, giving them a longer life. It is an energy-efficient model using the most minimal amount of salt possible. Rainsoft has a limited lifetime warranty, and its products are built to last a lifetime. In addition, a certified Rainsoft professional comes out to your house to perform a free water test to determine what is contained in your water.

You can hire Rainsoft to install your water softener professionally. You can also choose to handle a DIY installation. Rainsoft does not offer an over-the-phone quote. Instead, they send a professional to your house to give you an estimate of the cost.


  • Full of features you expect from a high-end system
  • The water system is made and shipped locally


  • Expensive and high-end model
  • Hard to get an idea of pricing without having to call

A whole home water filtration system installed under a kitchen sink.


The Aquasana water filtration and conditioning system works best on all water systems, including municipal, city, or well water, for the removal of chlorine. This system uses activated carbon to remove chemicals and heavy metals from water. In addition, it removes chlorine and sediment from drinking water. This filtering system performs well for a long time. Once installed, the system provides great-tasting water for up to one million gallons, for about ten years.

Aquasana has salt-free technology acting as a water softener to keep pipes in shape for extended periods and prevent build-up. In addition, the Aquasana whole house water filter removes heavy metals like mercury and lead, and organic compounds like pesticides, VOCs, herbicides, and other industrial solvents.

This system is easy to maintain with simple filter replacements. In this whole house water filters comparison, the Aquasana offers a lifetime warranty. However, Aquasana only provides professional installation. They do not allow for DIY installation. Aquasana does not offer free in-home water testing. Aquasana provides assistance over the phone but may not provide a quote over the phone.


  • Meets the NSF certification 42 standard meeting 96.9% of chlorine removal from the water


  • Does not allow for a DIY installation as it voids the warranty
  • Plastic fittings may leak

Pentair Pelican

Pentair acquired Pelican at the beginning of 2019 to combine forces and create a more innovative approach to whole home water filtration systems. Together, the Pentair Pelican company offers many different types of systems, including reverse osmosis, water softening, and UV filtration. In addition, each one of the Pentair Pelican water systems offers different filtration.

The Pentair Pelican carbon series offers a four-stage filtration system. It removes sediment while filtering chemicals and contaminants to prevent bacterial growth. The Pentair Pelican UV system destroys 99.9% of microorganisms without impacting the taste or odor of water.

The whole house filters received NSF standard 42 certifications for chlorine odor and taste reduction. The reverse osmosis system certification states it removes lead, radium, chromium, and arsenic, among other contaminants. The Pentair Pelican system comes ready to install, making it easy for a DIY homeowner to install on their own without the need for a professional. Once installed, the system is low maintenance requiring only filter cartridge changes approximately every six to nine months. The system comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 12 years plus a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and Pelican’s customer support.

This filtration system filters at the point of entry to ensure there is no water wasted. In addition, there is no chemical discharge or drainage. They offer an in-home water test to determine what is currently in your water, helping you to make the best choice. Pentair Pelican provides a consultation to determine which products and items you need to purchase for your specific needs.


  • Sustainable option for your house and environment
  • It does not require electricity to function


  • Upfront costs are higher
  • Expensive maintenance package
  • No home service bundling

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What to Look For in Whole House Water Filters Comparison

When you are looking at the whole house water filter comparison guide, it is essential to keep some things in mind. Understanding what you need from a water filter system can help guide you in the right direction when making a purchase.

Water Source

You should know the source of your water because that dictates the type of filtration you need. If you know what contaminants are in your water, you can decide what you need to filter. For example, does your water come from a well or a public water system? If you have a private well, you should have that water tested on an annual basis to see what contaminants it contains. If your water comes from a public water system, you should get a report once a year telling you what is in it.

Why Do You Want to Filter Water?

Your personal reasons for wanting to filter your water also matter. Perhaps you do not like the taste of your water. Most filters contained in your refrigerator or water pitchers work to improve the taste of the water. However, they are not protecting against many of the contaminants in the water as much as they make it taste better. Some minerals in water are not harmful but impact the taste. An activated carbon filter removes unpleasant smells and tastes from water. A reverse osmosis system also works well to improve the smell and taste of water.

If you are concerned about chemicals in your water and want to filter them, a whole-house water filtration system can effectively remove them. Pinpointing which contaminants are in your water allows you to select a water filtering system that eliminates those specific chemicals.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the right filtration system for your household, look towards the experts at ONIT Home to get you set up with a system that offers professional installation and a great warranty. To find out how ONIT Home can transform your home water experience and bundle more, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331. 

With ONIT, if you buy a water system, we’ll give you a $2,000 security system for only $1,000. That way, you can protect your family from contaminated water and protect them with a safe home. Additionally, we’re offering a free security and water system for free with the purchase of a solar system. Our customers get $1500 in vouchers to be used for security, water, and solar. Take advantage of this great offer today by calling us at 1-833-433-0331. 

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