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Outdoor Home Security to Install Before Summertime Begins

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It may seem like we are in the middle of winter and summer seems so far away, but realistically we’re closer than you’d think. Having outdoor home security is important for any homeowner. Having outdoor security installed before your family spends time  outside is a top priority before the new season. 

Here are some of the top products to install in your backyard before summer. 

Outdoor Cameras

Installing cameras outside, rather than inside, can give you knowledge of what is happening on your perimeter when you’re not looking. Regardless of day or night, outdoor cameras have the capability to record high definition footage. 

Cameras like the Ring Spotlight offer an LED light to flash onto anyone who comes within a specific range of the camera. That way, it will deter criminals from moving closer to your house and it will offer clear video clarity. Outdoor home security cameras instantly send a message to any unwanted visitor. That message is: you have a security system, and you take it seriously. That is a heavy enough message to keep unwanted prowlers away. 

Other than having videos for any criminal activity, having video surveillance of your yard is a great tool if you have children. You have the ability to keep an eye on your kids from your office. Whether they’re with a babysitter or on their own, give yourself some peace of mind. 

Outdoor security cameras are real-time footage with notifications upon activity. There is also space for recorded footage, if you need to go back and review something that happened earlier in the day. Some cameras, like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, have their own facial recognition system so you won’t get alerts for family members. Therefore, limit you notifications to just unknown faces. Cameras also have a smart technology that won’t alert you to motion like birds or a tree moving in the wind.  

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

Install Doorbell Cameras

Let’s face it: your porch and home deliveries aren’t as reliable as we want them to be. There are the pesky “porch pirates” who casually approach packages and steal them right from your front door. There are also mishaps and miscommunication that can happen, like needing to be home to sign for a package and missing it, or a stranger leaving something at your door. Doorbell cameras take away the unknown factor of “what happens when I’m not home” that used to exist. 

Other than the benefit of monitoring for package thieves, doorbell cameras also give you the ability to add a second camera to a main access point. Front doors are locations that can be utilized for burglary access points. Add a second line of security and install a doorbell camera. 

Doorbell cameras also give you the ability to speak directly with whoever is at your door. Therefore, if your kids are home alone during the summer, you can instruct them not to answer the door to anyone. You can speak to the visitor through your smartphone. 

Contact Sensors

These security features may be small, but don’t count them out. These are essential for any home. Install contact sensors on your doors and windows. You can even install them on a cabinet, like a liquor cabinet, that should not be accessible to children. There are so many different areas that contact sensors can be utilized

If you own a pool and have children, contact sensors should be your best friend. Make sure that your doors to your backyard are secured with contact sensors. Therefore, you will know if a child has left the house and could possibly be in danger of falling in the pool. The best form of protection is being proactive; so line your doors and windows with contact sensors today.

A man is installing an outdoor security camera at the side of a home.

Outdoor Home Security Lighting 

It’s essential to have outdoor lighting to keep any visitors visible. There are automated outdoor lighting options available. These automated lights can work with your security cameras to ensure that any unwanted visitor isn’t left in the dark with plenty of places to hide. This is like a visual trip wire to any visitor that your home is secure and to move on. 

Summertime means family vacations. Having outdoor lights while on vacation gives anyone the impression that you’re home. These lights can be set by schedules, so you know when the lights are on and when they’ll turn off. 

The Best Line of Security

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